Getting nervous

I have been really excited about going back to school, but this morning, faced with less than 10 days til "go-time" for my boys and me, I have started to feel anxious about the whole thing.  I know, realistically, that I will be fine.  My house will not ALWAYS look like utter disaster has struck, [...]

So why did I decide to return to school…..

I've been a stay-at-home mom (or SAHM) for 10 years.  My oldest child turned 10 this year and it really hit me in a weird way.  I initially decided to stay home because it kind of made sense at the time---I wasn't really going to be bringing home a lot of money after paying out the [...]

I have no idea what I am doing!

So I've started a blog, as have millions of other people. I don't expect to have millions of followers. Hell, right now I don't really want any.   I decided to do this so I can journal the crazy adventure I'm beginning in 15 days--I'm going back to school full-time.  College.  Full-time.  With classmates who were BABIES when I graduated high [...]