The need for downtime

I have been going non-stop since the semester began.  I knew this would be a busy time, since I have been part of a team at school working on a public relations campaign for a national competition.  I knew it would be tough and I have never wavered on my commitment to the team or the event we planned.  

The event was Sunday.  I was absolutely exhausted when it was over and wanted to go to bed by 7 p.m. On Monday, I felt better, but the kids have school vacation this week and were bored. I needed to study for two exams.  We couldn’t do anything fun–we didn’t have time.  I didn’t mind vacation when I was home.  I don’t love it anymore.

By Tuesday and Wednesday, I was still tired, although by then it was more of a mental fatigue.  

I needed to regroup.

Fortunately, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law volunteered to host the boys for a sleepover, so off they went yesterday.  The boys are with my mother–in-law and father-in-law tonight.  

This has been much needed.  My husband and I went out for dinner last night.  I got a manicure and pedicure after my classes today.  I’ve gotten homework done today and while I do need to do laundry, I  feel like I am finally “relaxing” a bit (as much as one can relax while dealing with a full-time college course load).  

My kids have had a great few days and I’ve gotten some time to just be.  It’s a win-win.  

I think it’s important for me to realize that sometimes I just need a bit of a break.  I’m not always going to have someone to take the kids for long stretches of time (this is the first time I’ve been away from them for more than one night, with the exception of hospital stays and a trip I took when my oldest was one), but doing something little for myself or spending some quality time with my husband can go a long way in making me feel like a new woman.

Now on to the laundry that needs to be done……… 


Achieving goals–lessons from my 7-year-old son

Last night, my 7-year-old son received a piano award at his lesson.  He got a trophy for reaching 12 specific goals since December.  He worked really hard for this.  Initially, his motivation was to get the trophy.  Then last night, he wisely said,”You know, Mom, I really wanted the trophy, but I’ve become a better piano player because of all this work.”

I pondered this a lot last night.  My son is so proud of himself for this accomplishment.  He figured out how much work this entailed, and it was no small feat.  I was proud of him when he realized that this achievement wasn’t just about the trophy–it was about the work involved and what he’d done to earn that trophy.

The same could be said for my journey toward my degree.  I initially just wanted the diploma.  That is still important to me, of course, but what I am learning, both academically and personally, are equally as important.

Achieving a goal is wonderful, but what we learn in the process of achieving the goal is just as important and sometimes more so.


Challenging myself and the surprises that come in the process!

I lack confidence sometimes.  I question myself, question others, and generally can drive myself and others crazy.  Sometimes that lack of confidence has hurt me because I’ve given up.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to use that lack of confidence to my advantage and challenge myself.

As I’ve posted about before, I am taking a lab science.  It’s hard.  Last week, I was completely frustrated with my lab because I didn’t understand the formulas.  I got some clarification from my professor and turned in the assignment.  I wasn’t highly confident that I had completely done it correctly.

I got it back today and got a 97.  I am thrilled.  This is after receiving last week’s quiz back yesterday and getting a grade of 112.  Yes, 112.  Extra credit is a great thing!

I look at these grades and ask myself, “Who am I?”  Yesterday I thought for a minute that I’d gotten back the wrong test.

I am challenging myself to continue this streak and get an A in the course, but it’s a huge surprise to think I can get an A in a science course.

Challenge yourself today!  You might be surprised with the results!

When a celebrity dies…..

Lately when a celebrity passes away, many people learn of the death on either Facebook or Twitter.  News has changed.  With a 24-hour news cycle and breaking news being reported on social media, people are finding out news that they may not have heard about until they watched the news that evening or the next morning.
Because of this trend of getting our news via social networking sites, the conversations that evolve due to a celebrity’s death have changed.  Some seem to embrace the chance to “talk” about a celebrity on Facebook.  Others seem annoyed by it.  I don’t really have a strong opinion about it.  It’s part of our times.  If the talk annoyed me, I would avoid social media.
With the news of Whitney Houston’s death reported last night, many took to Twitter and Facebook to talk about it.  With these Tweets and statuses came many You Tube videos showing the singer at her prime.
When a celebrity from my youth dies, the constant chatter brings me back to a time in my childhood.  The news of Whitney’s death brought me back to second grade when her first album debuted.  I had it on cassette.  I remember when she performed on the show “Silver Spoons”.  I wished I had a voice like hers.  I also remember the constant use of her songs during talent shows in elementary school.
What I had forgotten about was the song “One Moment in Time”, which was recorded for the 1988 Summer Olympics.  I watched this video this morning after one of my Facebook friends posted it. Instead of bringing me back to 1988, it seemed relevant to me today in this quest to get my bachelor’s degree.  This song gave me goosebumps, not only because of the wonderful voice singing it, but because of the lyrics and the emotions I felt about my own moment in time.  Rest in peace, Whitney Houston.  I hope you are in a better place.

"I’m so busy"

Let’s face it–this statement probably comes out of many of our mouths quite a bit.  Are we truly busy or do we just like to seem busy?  
When I was a SAHM, I used to think I was really busy.  In reality, I wasn’t managing my time well. I didn’t always multi-task as well as I could have and I had a more laid back approach to handling certain things because I had time.  I always thought my house had to be perfectly clean because I was a SAHM and that kept me “busy”, but I was really just keeping myself busy.  
There is a difference between truly being busy and keeping myself busy.  
The logo for our event!
Right now, I am busy.  I am working on a big event that is going to be held on campus on Sunday, Feb. 19. This consumes me when I am not working on everything else that needs to get done.  I have the kids’ activities that keep me occupied and running here, there and everywhere, I have house errands and tasks that have to get done,  I have 5 classes plus a lab that I have to attend and I have a good amount of homework for all of my classes this semester.  I am up at about 5 a.m.ish and by the time I go to bed at night, it’s almost 11 p.m.  I’m old–that’s a long day. 
I haven’t stopped since the semester started.  The next 10 days really are going to be busy.  I am finding ways to stay organized since I have a lot of running around to do (thank you Google Tasks, Google Calendar and the great apps on my phone).  My boys have been awesome about this event–they are so excited and know that it’s a busy time for our family right now.  They can’t wait to attend this event. I love seeing them so excited for it.  My husband, as always, has been great.  
I think anyone can learn ways to manage time better, but it’s a skill that comes with time.  I certainly didn’t manage my time well when I was younger.  I also think that when life has you going in many different directions, prioritizing and breaking tasks into manageable steps are key to not losing your mind.  And realize when you are truly busy and when you just like to sound like you are.