Achieving goals–lessons from my 7-year-old son

Last night, my 7-year-old son received a piano award at his lesson.  He got a trophy for reaching 12 specific goals since December.  He worked really hard for this.  Initially, his motivation was to get the trophy.  Then last night, he wisely said,"You know, Mom, I really wanted the trophy, but I've become a better [...]

Challenging myself and the surprises that come in the process!

I lack confidence sometimes.  I question myself, question others, and generally can drive myself and others crazy.  Sometimes that lack of confidence has hurt me because I've given up.  As I've gotten older, I've tried to use that lack of confidence to my advantage and challenge myself. As I've posted about before, I am taking [...]

When a celebrity dies…..

Lately when a celebrity passes away, many people learn of the death on either Facebook or Twitter.  News has changed.  With a 24-hour news cycle and breaking news being reported on social media, people are finding out news that they may not have heard about until they watched the news that evening or the next [...]