Reducing distractions one blinking light, beep and notification at a time

I love technology.  I always have and I make no apologies for it.  I embrace it and try to utilize it in a way that makes me more productive. (Google Tasks and Google Calendar are a lifesaver. You have no idea.) But there are times when technology takes over and my phone  becomes an additional [...]

Making a dream a reality

Do you remember what sparked major life changes in YOUR life?  I remember what prompted me to sign up for an online dating website--the one I met my husband through.  I remember what prompted us to sell our condo and buy our house.  That's a call I will never forget.  I was parked at my [...]

Did you know the maid left us?

She did...back in September.  She left for another gig and in her place, we got a part-time less adequate woman.  This less adequate woman isn't available to clean as often, and consequently, the house isn't as clean as it was before I went back to school.  The old maid reappears occasionally, but often times she [...]

Have you ever felt like people don’t get you or don’t understand the place you are at?

That's where I am some days. I am a busy person and it's a type of busy that some people just don't understand.  When I tell people I go to school full-time, I don't think some realize that I am either in class or doing homework all day while the boys are in school.  I [...]