There’s something about graduation season

The graduate school commencement took place tonight at my university. Undergraduate commencement takes place on Saturday. Because I have been at school for two years now, I know many people who are graduating. I’ve been watching the Twitter feed featuring the hashtag for commencement. And I’ve determined…….


(Sorry for yelling.)

graduation_cap_and_diplomaGraduation season has always made me a bit verklempt. I couldn’t explain why for a long time. As I’ve been back to school, though,  I realized that some of that twinge of emotion that comes out had to do with feelings of regret for not getting my bachelor’s degree when I was younger and the desire to have it. If I look at life like a book and there are many chapters that comprise that book, my educational experiences take up a few chapters and my college chapter was lacking. I guess subconsciously that always bothered me.

On the day of undergrad commencement last year, I remember watching my fellow PRSSA members’ tweets and Facebook posts and thinking, “Wow, this is going to be me in two years.” Now, as this year’s commencement approaches, I’m excited for the next year and excited that I am well on my way to my own graduation day. It’s really going to happen.

I can finally eliminate the feelings of regret about this. It’s happening next year–no ifs, ands, or buts about it. So it took me a long time….so what? It’s time to be exhilarated and hopeful about the future. My kids can’t wait until I graduate. My youngest already told my husband that we are having a big party and that he’s sending Jon Bon Jovi a letter to invite him for me. I can dream, right?

To all the graduates, congratulations. Dream big. Have crazy dreams. Life isn’t always going to go as planned. But that’s ok. It’s about how that book ends, not about the struggle to write some chapters. I’m excited to add to this chapter over the next year.


Yes, kids grow up too fast, but…..

My Boston fans!

They can be a lot of fun when they are older.  My boys both have birthdays next month and my oldest will be 12 and my youngest will be 9.  I sometimes wonder where the time has gone, but they are at ages now that are fun.  They can joke, they are pretty self-sufficient (I haven’t wiped a bum in years) and they can enjoy things that my husband and I also enjoy—take, for instance, sports.

My kids are kind of obsessed with Boston sports.  It can be a great thing when a team is winning and it kind of stinks when they lose.  When my youngest cried when the Patriots lost the last Super Bowl in which they played, I was not happy.  But waking my kids up this morning to tell them that the Boston Bruins won last night after a big come back was awesome.  And it’s not just that they were happy that they won.  When my kids asked which team the Bruins will play in the next series and my husband told them, my oldest said, “That’s going to be tough for them” because they get it.  They understand the games a heck of a lot more than I do.  They can have conversations about the games with my husband and talk statistics and analysis.  I end up left out of these conversations because I really don’t understand this stuff at all, but that’s ok.


And it’s not just sports.  My youngest loves to talk about current events.  He loves to take in information and learn new things, so he loves to know what is going on in the world.  It’s amazing to listen to an 8-year-old’s perspective.


While it stinks to think of how quickly the years fly by, I love the young men my boys are becoming.  I love that they are taking life in and participating in it.  I love that they can team up with their dad and tease me.  I love listening to them have conversations with adults.  And my oldest might almost be as tall as I am, but both boys still make sure to give me a hug and a kiss before bed.  After all, they are still my boys.


Another school year done!

I am writing this just a few hours after submitting my final assignment of the semester–and of the school year!  It’s amazing to me that two years ago, I embarked on this journey with a lot of excitement, a lot of fear and a lot of hope.IMG_0857

I had no idea what to expect when I went back to school.  I remember having so many questions.  “Could I do it?” “How would I juggle it all?” “Was I smart enough to handle the work it takes to get a bachelor’s degree?”

I feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people along the way–from great professors, great classmates, and great administrators to great professionals in the field of public relations. There is a communications professor whom I had in my first semester, I had her this past semester and I will again have her in the fall.  She is amazing.  She’s encouraging, inspiring and she has a demeanor about her that I can only hope to have one day.

Yesterday, at the end of our final class meeting, she handed out the sheet in the photo below.  It’s so appropriate for me.

Cheers to the end of another year–and the persistence and determination that has gotten me through!